Trouble sleeping tips
Sleep imbalances occur because of everything from vitamin imbalances to insomnia, but with a good sleep routine you can make all the difference! Sleep hygiene, which is the practice of establishing a routine that makes sleeping easier, can knock insomnia out cold. Check out our top tips on how to get a sleep routine going.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

The key to sleep hygiene is to prepare your body for sleep. It’s like warning your mind that sleep is coming so it can start releasing melatonin (the sleep hormone), letting it suffuse your brain while avoiding that terrible “I can’t sleep” feeling. Here are our keys to good sleep hygiene.

1. Dim the lights

If your lights have a dim function – use it! Alternatively, turn lights off completely 30 minutes before bed and light candles instead. A relaxing ritual each night will help to prepare your body and mind for sleep.

2. Detox from technology

Limit electronic devices from at least 30 minutes before bedtime. If you like to read before bed, ensure it is a physical book or e-reader that doesn’t emit blue light. Blue light tricks your brain into thinking it is still daytime, reducing hormones like melatonin which help you to relax and reach a deeper level of sleep.

Technology can affect your sleep

3. Temperature control

A room that’s too hot or too cold will affect your quality of sleep, so take a little time to ensure the temperature of your bedroom is right for you. Sleep scientists have concluded that a cool room and a warm bed is best for sleeping, so pile on the blankets and make sure your room is around 20 degrees for the ideal night of sleep!

4. No caffeine after two in the afternoon

While caffeine serves a purpose—to wake you up—it also stays in your bloodstream for up to eight hours. When consumed late in the day, the stimulation of your nervous system may stop your body from naturally relaxing at night.

5. Limit daytime naps

While tempting, those daytime siestas don’t actually do your sleep problems any favours! Sleeping during the day can confuse your internal body clock, so you may struggle to nod off later or suffer from an interrupted night’s rest.

6. Supplementation

Before resorting to more drastic measures like sleeping pills, you can try adding a magnesium supplement to your daily routine. Magnesium has been found to assist sleep regulation as part of a regular vitamin regimen. In fact, studies show that 72 percent of adults do not receive the recommended daily intake of magnesium, and deficiencies like this can impact energy, sleep, muscle recovery, cardiovascular support, and brain function.

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Pamper Yourself Pre-Bedtime

For those who suffer from poor sleep, you’ll know the dreaded familiar evening feeling all too well—that sense of dread that looms as the sun sets and bedtime draws closer. Try re-training your brain by making bedtime something to look forward to. Our favourite way to do this is through a little pampering at home. Comb through our beauty products online to find some things you’d like to introduce into your own routine! First off, there are plenty of calming essential oils that have been found effective in inducing sleep and relieving anxiety like lavender, ylang ylang, rose and jasmine. Simply put a few drops into a diffuser and switch it on wherever you are a couple of hours before bed. Another way to wind down before bed is soaking in a bath with a therapeutic bath soak like Epsom salts. According to Healthline, the bath salts, which are a naturally occurring compound of minerals made up of magnesium and sulphate, can help improve sleep. Studies have also shown that increasing our body temperature before bed can help us fall asleep faster and deeper, as it makes the ambient temperature of our bedrooms feel cooler. To maximise your chances of a better snooze, pick Epsom salts supplemented with essential oils from our Dr. Teal’s range and introduce them into your pre-bedtime routine.

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